This is the CSCI 711 project website for Isaac Banner and Brendan John.
Throughout the semester we'll be building a basic Ray Tracing framework in Java and posting the results of our checkpoints here.

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Checkpoint 1 - Initial Render
Checkpoint 2 - Basic Tracing
Checkpoint 3 - Shading
Checkpoint 4 - Textures
Checkpoint 5 - Reflectance
Checkpoint 6 - Transmission
Checkpoint 7 - Tone Reproduction
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Checkpoint 5 - Mirror, mirror

In this checkpoint, we implemented recursive ray tracing to create a reflective sphere in the scene.
Here's our initial output:

Note that, true to the Whitted scene, we have left an ambient component in the shading of the floor.
Without the ambient component, the darkest shadows on the floor would be black.

We also implemented a glossy reflection that is not perfectly reflective with 8 samples based on a probabilistic model:

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