This is the CSCI 711 project website for Isaac Banner and Brendan John.
Throughout the semester we'll be building a basic Ray Tracing framework in Java and posting the results of our checkpoints here.

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Checkpoint 1 - Initial Render
Checkpoint 2 - Basic Tracing
Checkpoint 3 - Shading
Checkpoint 4 - Textures
Checkpoint 5 - Reflectance
Checkpoint 6 - Transmission
Checkpoint 7 - Tone Reproduction
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Checkpoint 1 - Will it Blend?

Our initial render was created using Blender :

The following is the data associated with our render :

     Size: Scaled down on each axis to 0.9 from unit sphere
     Location: (-6.16,3.35,6.73)
     Size: No scaling applied, i.e. unit sphere
     Location: (-5.07,2.59,3.37)

     Size: Scaled on the X Axis by 8.21, not scaled on the Y Axis, scaled by 200.81 on the Z axis
     Location: (-5,0.07,-48.93)

Light Source-
     Location: (-5.54,6.20,10.57)

     Position: (-4.98,3.18,13.12)
     Lookat: (0,0,-1)