This is the CSCI 711 project website for Isaac Banner and Brendan John.
Throughout the semester we'll be building a basic Ray Tracing framework in Java and posting the results of our checkpoints here.

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Checkpoint 1 - Initial Render
Checkpoint 2 - Basic Tracing
Checkpoint 3 - Shading
Checkpoint 4 - Textures
Checkpoint 5 - Reflectance
Checkpoint 6 - Transmission
Checkpoint 7 - Tone Reproduction
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Checkpoint 3 - Barking up the Phong tree

In this checkpoint, we attempted to shade our scene using both Phong and Phong-Blinn as our shading models. You can click each of the following images to view them full-size. Here is our initial output, using Phong:

We also rendered our output with Phong-Blinn and multiple light sources:

Finally, we implemented super-sampling in Phong. It's easiest to see the difference along the edges of the shadows and the plane: