A long-time contra dancer and Seattle transplant, I've become known in the Pacific Northwest for my particular blend of humor and dance instruction. With contagious excitement and a cheerful personality, I strive to bring moments of magic into the lives of newcomers and veteran dancers alike.

 You can view my upcoming calling schedule here. At the moment, for non-weekend/festival booking, I try not to plan my schedule out more than 6-7 months in advance.

 In addition to calling contra dances, I've done a good amount of dance choreography in my spare time. Some of my dances have been called more than others, but I trust every dance I've introduced to deliver a fun and engaging experience, from four potatoes to the final phrase. My larger dance collection is available upon request and a selection of dances is also available on David Morse's ContraDB.

 I've also published a book (!!) with several of my personal favorite compositions, "Free and Open Dancing for All". If you'd like a physical copy, just ask me for one the next time we run into each other at a weekend or festival. It's also available digitally here, but then you can't burn it for warmth.